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Congratulations, You Have Found A Legitimate Opportunity, With A Real Person That's Accountable To You.My Name Is Arthur Gottlieb. This Is The Giant Postcard Home Based Business. A Business That Thousands Are Succeeding At (50,000+), And Have Been For Decades. An Established Business With A History Of Success.

My Giant Postcards Are Similar To Advertising Newspapers, Magazines And Coupon Envelopes Arriving In Your Mailbox (Valpak, Clipper Magazine, Money Mailer, Coffee News, The Home Mag And Dozens More). This Business Is Exploding Nationwide, And You Can Secure Your Location Without Buying A Franchise. You Can Even Start For Free By Following The Instructions At The Beginning Of The Video Above.

You Can Earn Well Over $100K Working Part Time While Doing As Many Postcards As You Like, Every Month, And Make Over $4,000 On Each! You Can Succeed With A Full Time Job. Plus, Every Business Owner Is Anxious To Speak With You And Will Buy What Your Selling!
My History: I've Been Putting People Into The Newspaper Business For Over 10 Years. Watch My First Video At The Bottom Of This Page With It's Over 250K Views. I've Helped Hundreds Establish Profitable Businesses. I've Now Switched From Newspapers, To A Superior, More Effective Format, The Giant Postcards. 

Giant Postcards Sell For You. When You Visit A Business, And If The Owner Isn't In, Just Leave Your Sample Postcards, And When They See It, They'll Call You! It Puts Every Advertiser On The FRONT PAGE! They Realize This When They See It, And They Want Their Business On It!

My Giant Postcards Are Better Than The $100K Franchise Mailings You're Getting In Your Mailbox (Valpak, Money Mailer, Clipper Magazine, Home Mag, Etc.) Because 8 Out Of 10 Of These Goes Into The Trash Without Being Viewed. That's Why Their Called Junk Mail. With The Giant Postcards, Every Household, 10 Out Of 10 Takes The 30 To 90 Seconds Needed To Review It, The Businesses On It And Their Sales Message. This Makes It Easy To Sell To Everyone That Owns A Business.   

You Get 1000 Sample Postcards Designed To Sell For You. 500 Of Each Type. They Tell The Business Owner To Call About A Free Ad Offer. When They Do, You Tell Them You Have A New Customer Offer, If They Sign On For 3 Months, You'll Give Them The 4th Month For Free.

To Get Started, Just Visit Or Speak With Business Owners In The Zip Code We're Going To Be Mailing Your Postcards To, And Give Out Your Postcard Samples. Naturally, Speak With The Business Owner When There In. There's A Place For Your Contact Information On The Postcards. Everything Else, I Do For You. I Design The Ads, I Print The Postcards (Heavy 100lb Text), And I Bulk Mail Them For You To The Zip Codes And Routes You've Chosen. You Don't Do Anything Other Than Fill Up Your Postcards With Advertising Businesses.

You Make $4175.00 On Every Postcard & You Can Do As Many As You Want Every Month. We Print & Mail 10,000 Postcards. Each 9" X 12" Postcard Generates $7800 In Ad Revenue (39 Spots @ $200 Each). 

You Don't Sell 39 Spots! You Step Them Up By Saying, "Most Businesses Take Double Spots For 4 Cents Per House, And Many Take A Block Of 4". "If You Take A Block Of 4, You'll Really Stand Out, And Instead Of 8 Cents Per House, I Give It To Your For Under 7 Cents. Just $695, You'll Save Over $100!" It Costs You $3625 To Print And Mail The 10,000 Giant Postcards. Revenue $7800, Cost $3625 = Net Profit $4175 Per Postcard. More Than Double Your Money. Do 3 A Month, Earn Almost $13,000 A Month. You Can Collect Deposits From Businesses As Soon As Your Samples Arrive!

Sales Tax Is Included, There Are No Shipping Costs, And Your Provided With A Receipt Of Mailing From The Post Office. You Don't Touch Anything, And You Don't Want To. Your Time Is Better Utilized Visiting Businesses, And Taking Their Ad Information.

The Businesses Are Advertising! And Their Excited To Hear About, And Jump Aboard The Giant Postcards! The Smallest Business Cost $10,000 A Month To Keep Open (Rent, Insurances, Staff, Telephone, Electric, Permits, They Even Pay For Trash Removal, And I Can Go On And On. The Bigger Ones Cost $20,000+. Many Businesses Spend Thousands Of Dollars Every Month Advertising. Their Anxious To Spend Money On Your Giant Postcards! 

Once You Do A Postcard, It Runs On Auto Pilot. The Businesses Stay In Your Postcards And You Go Around Monthly Collecting Your Checks. You Can Have 4 Or 5 Postcards Running And Spend 6 Or 8 Hours A Month Visiting Businesses And Collecting Your Checks. How Great Is That?

This Business Is Great! Nothing To Learn. When You Walk Into The Real Estate Office, And The Broker Isn't In, The Salespeople Fight Over Who Will Get Into Your Postcard. They All Work On Commission And Do Their Own Advertising. They All Want Their Business Card In Front Of 30,000 Neighbors For $200. The Same Thing Happens At The Beauty Parlors, Insurance Places And Car Dealers. 10,000 Postcards, 3 People Per Home = 30,000 Prospective Customers For Business Owners. All This Exposure, For Just $200! THEY LOVE IT!

Your Local Business Owners Love Mailbox Advertising. Their Either Doing It, Or Want To Do It. Half Are Already In Coupon Envelopes Or Ad Magazines. Even Though 8 Of 10 Of Their Ads Go In The Trash Without Being Viewed, They Still Love It. They Still Get A Response. It's Their Best Option. But, They Want To Make Their Advertising More Productive, And The Giant Postcards Do Just ThatOnce You Show It To Them, They Instantly Realize It, And Want In! Instead Of Their Ad Being Buried In An Envelope Or Magazine, Which Only 2 Of 10 Open, The Giant Postcard Ad Is Seen By All 10, At A Glance, There Always On The Front Cover! It's Incomparable.

The Competition Is Junk Mail. The Giant Postcards Are Enticing, Attractive And Effective. No Pages To Turn, No Envelopes To Open Or Coupons To Labor Through. Everyone Takes The 30-90 Seconds Needed To Review It, Mentally Recording The Businesses That Are Advertising And Absorbing Their Sales Messages. You Only Need To See An Ad For A Second Or Two For It To Get Absorbed Into Our Brains. That's How Our Brains Are Wired.

Many Save It For A Sale Or Service They Want, But Even If They Don't Save It, The Businesses Name, Products Or Services Advertised On The Postcard Has Been Embedded Into Their Brain. Their Sales Message Was Seen And Absorbed. It Familiarizes The Businesses Name, Product Or Service With Their Best Prospects, 10,000 Households (30,000 People), Surrounding Their Business, In Their Own Zip Code. People Close Enough To Come In And Spend Money At Their Businesses. If They Went Into The Neighborhood Putting Flyers Into Mailboxes, They'd Be Putting Them In The Mailboxes Of Homes In Their Own Zip Code. That's What We Do For Them. Best Advertising Ever!

My Business Card Ads Are Designed Like Billboards. Designed To Generate Sales For The Business. Not Just Advising The Businesses Name & Contact Information Like The Usual Business Card. Mine Get Results And Bring Customers In. Mine Generates Sales And Phone Calls. Mine Pays For Itself 10 Times Over. Nothing Compares! 

How Easy Is It To Sell? Easy! Watch Me! I'll Sell It For You. Watch The Video On The Selling. A Business Card Cost 3 Cents, Isn't Distributed & Doesn't Sell Anything. It Stays Under The Business Owners Counter Collecting Dust, But My Business Card Ad For 2 Cents Is Delivered Into The Mailboxes Of Their Best Prospects. It Costs Less Than A Business Card, But It's Value To The Business Owner Is 20 Times Greater. Businesses Are Anxious To Reach Their Best Prospects For 2 Cents, With Not Just A Business Card, But A Results Producing Ad.

The Business Owners Want To Grow Their Businesses. Most Take Double Size Ads If You Offer It. You Offer Double Size Ads And Tell Them, If They Take A Double Ad, You'll Guarantee That Their The Only Business Of Their Type On The Postcard.

Can They Do This Themselves, Yes, For 20 Times The Cost, But Their Ad Is More Effective When Put Side By Side On The Giant Postcard With Other Businesses. Often Another Business Is The Reason The Household Saved The Postcard. And, When That Household Refers To That Ad, They're Seeing Every Businesses Ad For A Second, And Maybe A 3rd Time, Benefiting All The Advertisers On The Postcard.

Most Zip Codes Have 500 To 1000 Brick & Mortar Businesses In Them (Storefronts). Enough Businesses To Do 10 Postcards, While Making $4,175 On Each. Plus, Hundreds More Contractors, Trades People, Home Business Operators, Doctors, Dentist & Other Medical Providers. Plus Businesses Outside Of The Zip Code We're Mailing To Will Often Want To Reach The People We're Mailing To. Overall, Their Could Be Thousands Of Quality Prospects In Every Zip Code. If You Call Me Up, I'll Check Your Zip Code And Tell You Exactly How Many Mailboxes And Businesses Are In It. 

My One Time Fee Is $2,495.00 And Includes 1000 Postcard Samples And The Designing 100 Ads With With A Revision On Each. Enough For 4-5 Postcards. And You Can Watch Me Design Your Ads On Skype Share Screen Should You Ever Want To Do Them Yourself. There Are No Start Up Costs! You Collect A 50% Deposit From Businesses Which More Than Covers Your Printing And Mailing Costs. After I've Printed And Mailed The Postcards, You Go Back With The Postage Receipt I'll Provide You And Collect Your Balance. My One Time Fee Does Not Include The Printing And Mailing Of Your Postcards. $3625 Is What It Costs You To Generate Your $7800 In Ad Revenue And Do A 10,000 Postcard Mailing.   

I Want You To Do A Lot Of Postcards Because Every Time I Do The Printing And Mailing For You, I Make $200. Therefore I'll Help You To Do As Many As Possible, Hopefully 4 Per Month Or More, Which Is 48 Per Year Whereas I'll Make Almost $10,000 Annually On Your Business And You'll Make $16,000 Per Month.

This Business Is Not Hard. High School Students Routinely Go Around And Take Ads From Local Businesses For Their Yearbook. They Manage To Do It And They Get Paid. So, Obviously This Isn't Rocket Science. And With My Help, It's Infallible. 

Now I've Gone Through The Basics Of My Giant Postcard Business Model. To Learn The Details Of Everything, Please Click On The Other Categories Or Call Or Email Me With Any Questions.  Arthur Gottlieb. 

PS. The Phone Rings In My Home (954-534-9368). I'm On Eastern Standard Time In Florida. Please Don't Call Me After 10pm. 

Email Me At: Mailto:discountclipper@Gmail.Com

Sign On Below For $2495.00. It's Time For A Real Business That 1000'S Are Making A Living At. Targeted Direct Mail Newspapers, Magazines, Coupon Envelopes And Now The Superior Giant Postcards!

Sell Double Size Ads for $395 & Blocks of 4 for $695!