If You Do, That's Great! You Sell The Front Half Of Your Postcards And Use The Back For A Giant Ad For Your Own Business. With The Entire Back Of The Card, You'll Look Like The Leader Of Your Industry. You Make Money On The Ad Sales And Grow Your Own Business For Free At The Same Time. Once You've Established The Business, Your Customers Stay In The Card And You Hardly Have To Work. You'll Have Plenty Of Time To Work Your Now Booming Business If That's What You Want. You Might Even Have A Lot Of Business Contacts And Associates In Related But Not Competing Fields, So Filling Up Half Your Postcard Could Perhaps Just Be A Few Phone Calls Away.

Also, I Can Do Postcard Mailings For You Should You Not Want To Go Into The Business Yourself. Visit The Category "Offer Stand Alone Postcards" For All The Details. 10,000 Large 6 X 9 Postcards Printed And Mailed To The Households In Your Zip Code, Surrounding Your Business Cost 28 Cents Each!