Can I Do This Business? 
You Don't Have Much To Do To. Just Visit Businesses, Distribute The Postcard Samples And Introduce Yourself To The Owner. Tell Them The Zip Code Your Mailing To As Well As The Benefits Of GIANT POSTCARD Advertising.  Get The Needed Information For Their Ads. Take Your Deposits. All The Tedious Stuff I Do For You. Designing The Ads, Doing Your Printing And Your Mailing. If You Can't Succeed With The Best Product In The Market, While Doing Just The Easy Stuff, Why Are You Looking For A Business?

Do I Use Direct Mail Retail?
NO. Direct Mail Retail Is A Program Designed For Local Retailers, Period. The USPS Discourages It's Use For Shared Mail Like The Giant Postcard. Direct Mail Retail Has A 5,000 Piece Limit. And, Your Required To Bring Your Mail Pieces Into The Post Office Located In The Zip Code Your Mailing To. Problem Is, Often The Local Post Offices Are Not Familiar With The Program, Creating Problems, Issues And Non Delivery Of Your Mail Pieces. 
I Have A Certified National Bulk Mailing Permit. My Mailings Are Handled The Same Way All Larger Mailers Do It Such As Valpak, Money Mailer, Clipper Magazine And The Rest. No Issues, No Problems. 
Do I Need A Business License?
No. Just File Your Taxes. This Business Is No Different Than If You Were Selling Items On Ebay Or Amazon. 

Do I Need A Checking Account?
Yes. It's Advisable. Open A Sole Proprietorship Checking Account With Your Regular Bank. They'll Provide You With Checks That Have Your Business Name Underneath Your Personal Name. It Will Say "DBA With Your Business Name"

What If I Need More Sample Postcards? 
They Can Be Ordered On The Website Under That Category.

Do I Offer Contracts?
It's Up To You. It's Your Business And You Can If You Like.

Do I Need A Camera?
Yes, Or A Decent Smart Phone. You Will Need A Camera To Take Photos On Occasion Pertaining To The Ads.

What Other Fees Or Expenses Can I Expect?
None. Your Deposits More Than Pay For Your Printing & Mailing. My One Time Initial Fee Is For Designing 100 Of Your Ads With A Revision On Each, And Laying Out The Postcard For Printing. After That, Every Time You Do A Mailing, You'll Need To Pay Just For The Postcards And The Mailing Costs Which Is $3625. However, A Postcard Generates $7800 In Revenue. Your Profit Is Over 2 Times Your Cost ($3625.00).

Get I Get Samples Before Signing On?
Samples Are Available Only To Those That Have Signed On For My Business Model. There's Always The Possibility That You Will Duplicate My Samples, Work Without Me, And Perhaps Enter Into The Market Of One Of My Partners.

If Your Concerned Whether You'll Succeed Or Not, And Want To Try To Find Out In Advance, You Can Speak With Businesses You Have A Relationship With, Tell Them What Your Planning, And Find Out Their Opinion Of Your Prospective Business, And If They'd Have Interest In Supporting You When You Get Started. If They Have Interest, Then You'll Know Other Businesses Will As Well. Plus, Every Piece Of Advertising That Arrives In Your Mailbox Is Full Of Ads From Local Businesses, Obviously Businesses Have Interest In Reaching Their Neighbors Through Their Mailboxes To Promote Their Business. This Business Is Booming.

If Your Mailing Is Less Than 10,000?
You Will Pay Postage On Exactly The Amount I Mail For You. You'll Get The Receipt. Naturally, Less Than The $3625 Figure. 

Can I Do This Without You? 
Yes, You Can. But, You Would Incur Shipping Costs From Your Postcard Printer To Your Location, Perhaps $500. And You Can Expect 10% In Damages As The Postcard Cartons Are Heavy And Will Be Abused During The Shipping Process. You Would Need A Van To Get The Postcards To The Special USPS Bulk Mailing Facility In Your City. And You Would Need 2 To 4 Days To Sort, Bundle, Label And Prepare The Sacks For The Post Office.

My Printing Facility Is Next Door To My Mailing Room. I Am Able To Get It Done Efficiently. I Have A System With Numerous Team Members, At Numerous Stations Making The Process Move Quickly And Efficiently.