Read All About It, How I Sold Every Business I Visited! It Was Easy To Sell To The Businesses I Visited. Over 90% Of Them Were Advertising Somewhere & I Just Compared My Giant Postcards With Whatever Or Wherever They Were Currently Advertising. I Pointed Out The Problems With What They Were Doing, Problems They Weren't Aware Of. I'll Go Through The List Below & You'll Understand Why They Signed On For My Giant Postcards. 

If They Were In The Coupon Envelopes, I Explained Only 1 Or 2 Out Of 10 Opens The Envelopes. I Told Them How I Opened The First One That Came When I Moved Here, But Never Did Again. I Told Them How My Son & In Laws Never Open Them Either. It's A Lot Of Work Going Through All Those Coupons. I Explained That My Postcards Are Always Looked At And Their Ad Is Always Seen Because It's So Easy To Do. It Only Takes 30 Or 40 Seconds To Review All The Businesses & Offers On The Postcard. And It Only Takes The Brain A Seconds To See The Ad And Record Their Business, Product Or Service & Sales Message. That's How Our Brains Are Wired. I Explained That When I Mail To 10,000 Homes, All 10,000 Homes See Their Ad & Often The Entire 3 People Living In Them. However, When The Envelope Arrives, Only 1 Or 2 Thousand Out Of 10 Will See Their Ad. It Made Sense, It Was True & They Signed On For The Postcard.

Some Were In The Big Newspapers. In The Old Days, That's All There Was. I Explained That Only 3 Of 10 People Get The Newspaper. 1 For The Sports Section, 1 For The Classified & Only 1 Goes Through The Paper, Provided They Have The Time To Do So. Often It's Huge. So, If Their Lucky, They Reach 1 Out Of 10 In Their Zip Code. My Giant Postcards Reach All 10,000 Homes In Their Zip Code. I Told Them How 9 Of 10 People In The Zip Code Might Never Have Seen Their Ad Because They Didn't Buy Newspapers, Like Most People. I Told Them My Postcard Could Reach 10 Times As Many Prospects. They Agreed & Signed On. The Businesses Aren't Stupid. Their All Successful Business People. Tell Them Something That Makes Sense And They Pay Attention And Act On It.

Many Were In The Ad Magazines Like Clipper & Home Mag, But They Have The Same Problem As The Coupon Envelopes. Their Going In The Trash 9 Out Of 10 Times. How Much Fun Is It To Read Ads, Especially Over & Over As These Magazines Keep Coming Month After Month. I Looked At The First One When I Moved Into Town & Never Looked At Another. They Felt It Made Sense & Signed On For My Giant Postcard.

Some Were In The Free Papers That Get Left Around Town. I Started Like That, Until Too Many People Told Me They Were Using My Papers For Their Dog & Bird Cages. Some Used It For Packing Dishes & Glasses When They Moved. I Put Them Out In Public Places Where People Could Grab As Many As They Wanted, And Some People Grabbed Stacks. Often When I Went Back To Refill My Papers At The Locations I Had Left Them And Half The Stack Was Still There. I Would Have To Put Them Back Into My Trunk & Put Out The New Edition. I Knew This Wasn't Helping My Advertisers And I Hated It, But What Could I Do. Eventually I Started Mailing My Paper. I Explained This To The Guys In The Free Papers & They Signed On For The Giant Postcard.

I Had A Couple Of Guys That Were On TV. I Explained I Never Saw Their Ad. I Have Streaming Netflix, Get Their DVD's Also And Even Amazon Prime. I'm Never Watching Regular TV. And My Wife Is A Holy Roller And She Only Watches The Pastors On The Religious Channels. Plus There Are So Many Cable & Satellite Options Out There With Thousands Of Channels. What Is The Odds Someone In Your Zip Code Is Watching The Right Channel At The  Right Time. Not Very Good. They Agreed & Signed On For The Giant Postcard To Make Sure They Reached Their Best Prospects, Those Surrounding Their Business Location. Those That Can Actually Come In & Spend Money.

Once In A While I Visited Someone That Said They Don't Advertise. I Explained That Spending Thousands Of Dollars Every Month For Their 20 Foot Wide Storefront Was A Form Of Advertising. Otherwise, They Could Operate For Free From Home. I Explained Since They're Already Making Such A Large Investment To Be In Business, Why Not Invest A Little More To Insure You'll Be Successful And Profitable. Just Like An Insurance Policy On A Car, But Your Businesses Is A Much Larger Investment. I Explained Not Advertising Is Like Making A Wedding, Hiring A Caterer, Band, Limousines, Florist, Photographer, Etc., And Then Not Sending Out The Invitation. Who Does That? When I Was Done, They Were In The Giant Postcard.

Sometimes A Wise Guy Would Say, Everything Is On The Internet. But I Would Tell Them, But Your Not. You Never Come Up In Searches. Only The Big Chains And The Businesses Paying For Google Adwords Come Up. They Shut Right Up Because They Knew I Was Correct. Then I Told Them, But That Doesn't Mean You Cant Reach Your Best Prospects, The People Surrounding Your Business, Right In Their Mailboxes With My Giant Postcard. I Told Them It's Basically The Only Way They Can Reach Their Neighbors. When I Was Done, They Signed On.

None Of The Competing Advertising Options I Just Mentioned Compared With My Giant Postcards. I Sold Every Business By Just Explaining What Was Wrong With Their Advertising Product. They Reach 1 Of 10 While My Giant Postcards Reach Everyone, All 10! Either They Drop Their Mail On Their Driveway Or It Gets Into Their Home, On Their Counter, Where They Review It. They Cant Help It. It's So Attractive And Alluring And It Only Takes About 40 Seconds To Review It. No Other Advertising In The Market Compared With My Giant Postcards.

When You Explain The Facts, The Truth, To Them, They Sign On For The Giant Postcard. They Want To Reach 10 Times As Many Prospects. I Sold Them All And You Can Too, If You Familiarize Yourself With The Facts I Just Presented To You & Then Present It To Business Owners In Your Mailing Area.

In Business, Your Only As Good As Your Product, And When It Comes To Advertising For The Local Businesses, Nothing Is As Good Or Can Compare With The Giant Postcard!