Taking Ads Is Not Rocket Science. You Ask The Business What They Want In Their Ads And Make Some Notes. You Ask If They Have An Ad Running Now (Usually They Do) And Request A Copy. You Email Me The Details. Sometimes You'll Have To Take A Photo Of The Owner, Or Something Inside Or Outside The Business, And You Email That To Me As Well. You Use The Sample Postcard Ads As Your Guide. You Cant Promote Everything In The Business As An Entire Website Is Needed For That. We Want To Promote What's Good And What Will Generate Customer Phone Calls, Or Visits To The Business. The Goal Is Response, And To Get Their Business Noticed And Remembered. You Want To Try To Avoid Logos, As This Takes Away From Space Used To Get Response. Plus, No One Knows Their Logo Unless They Spent Millions Of Dollars Promoting It. Explain This To Them & They Will Appreciate Your Expertise.

There Is A Dedicated Private Video Pertaining To Taking Ads. It's Sent To My Partners.

As Mentioned, Taking Ads Is Not Rocket Science. High School Students Routinely Go Around Their Neighborhood Taking Ads From The Local Businesses For Their Yearbook & School Papers. If They Can Do It, Get It Done And Get Paid, I'm Think You Can. Plus, I'm Always Here To Help